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We offer a variety of Class 1 courses including 20-hour, 36-hour, 40-hour, and the 244-hour courses. Your driving experience and career goals are some things we will discuss to determine the best course for you.

The 20 hour course

The 20 hour course is designed to help drivers with experience get their Class 1 license. For example, most farmers start driving trucks and machinery at a young age and have a basic understanding of how this equipment operates. They may already be driving large trucks with tandem trailers that are registered as farm trucks but now need to upgrade their license because they are buying a semi tractor-trailer unit.

To qualify for this course, drivers must already know how to shift, back and corner properly. The focus of the course will be on training for the pre-trip inspection, air brake inspection and addressing driving habits. The course consists of training material to study; pre-trip and air brake inspections before practical training starts; use of United’s truck and trailer for training and for the MPI road test; one MPI road test; and professional training by a qualified instructor. Training is done in five 4-hour lessons with the fifth lesson consisting of a 2-hour warm up and your MPI test.
COST: $2150 (including one MPI road test)

The 40 hour course

The 40 hour course course is designed to help prepare drivers going into the construction, gravel and/or oil industry. Typically, we can help the average driver who has never driven a semi-truck before get their Class 1 license in 40 hours. Understandably, we will never guarantee that 40 hours will be sufficient training to pass MPI’s test. The 40-hour course includes training on pre-trip and air brake inspections, backing, driving, coupling/uncoupling and log book completion. Training is to industry standards which includes 53-foot loaded trailers. We will take students for their MPI road test on the second last lesson. If a student needs a retest, the final lesson may be used for a retest with the only additional cost being $50 for the MPI test.

This course is not designed for long distance or to have a career in the long-distance trucking industry. Do not expect to drive long distance once you have taken this course unless you find a trucking company or an owner-operator willing to provide you extensive on-the-road training, or until after you have gained two years of experience driving locally. The 40-hour course is registered with the Private Vocational Institute which enables you to claim the T2202A tuition on your taxes.
COST: $3450 (plus $50 for the MPI road test)

The 36 hour course

The 36 hour course course is designed for drivers with some basic knowledge about operating big trucks or equipment. The difference between the 36- and the 40-hour course is that drivers with tandem or semi-truck experience may have sufficient knowledge to pass MPI’s road test but will not be issued a T2202A tax receipt so they will not be able to claim the education expense tax rebate. Please check with your accountant. (Employers may be able to claim the full cost of the 36-hour course if paying for an employee to take this course, in which case you may not be concerned about the tax rebate.) We will take students for their MPI road test on the second last lesson. If a student needs a retest, the final lesson may be used for a retest with the only additional cost being $50 for the MPI test.
COST: $2975 (including one MPI road test)

The 244 hour course

The 244 hour course is the Entry-Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program. Elite trucking companies want applicants without experience to take the 244-hour course. United works together with these elite companies to help each graduate find a suitable career in the trucking industry. This intensive, six-week training course has a strong emphasis on both theoretical and practical training to help drivers succeed in the trucking industry.

The curriculum covers over 33 critical components in the trucking industry such as: US/Canada border crossing, Motor Carrier Enforcement, hours of service, coupling/uncoupling, trip planning, shifting, night driving, skid control, mountain driving, etc. This 244-hour course is composed of 80 hours of classroom training, 40 hours of lab time, 60 hours of driving, 60 hours of observing. It includes two paid road tests totaling 4 hours of road test time.

Individuals can fund the cost of the course on their own. If you seek funding assistance, please call us to discuss available funding options. If you qualify, funding may be obtained through Manitoba Jobs (MB ETT), Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF), Workers Compensation Board (WCB), and/or First Nations Bands.

The 244-hour course is registered with the Private Vocational Institute, enabling you to claim the T2202A on your taxes.

Please call Anthony at our Steinbach office 204-326-4200 for details. In the Winkler/Morden area, please call 204-332-2223 or email Anthony at
COST: $8400

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