Do you know what is required to get a Class 1 or 3 license? Would you like to drive a big truck but don’t know how to get started?  We offer multiple courses for driving semi-trucks, each course tailored for a different need.  Depending on your experience and your goals, we can determine the best course to suit your training needs.  Call us and we will discuss your options and help you get started on your path to a successful trucking career.

If you have your license but haven’t driven for a long time, we offer refresher training to refine your driving skills.  We offer specialized courses for drivers who already have their license for driving truck and are looking for additional training. Contact us so we can take care of all your driver training needs.

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Class 1

We offer a variety of Class 1 courses including the 244 hour course, 121.5 hour course (MELT) , 36-hour course and the 20 hour course.  Effective September 1, 2019 the minimum mandatory training required to get your Class 1 with air license is 121.5 hours.  

For students who trained with a different school who have not yet passed their Class 1 license, we also offer training to help you obtain your Class 1 license.

20 Hour Course

The 20 hour course is designed for the Class 1 driver who requires a refresher course or the student who requires additional training over and above the mandatory  121.5 hour course.  All training is done in 4 hour sessions on trucks with 13 speed manual transmissions and using 53 foot trailers. The focus of the course will be on the pre-trip inspection and the air brake inspection as well as addressing driving habits.   

36 Hour Course

The 36 hour course is designed for the Class 1 driver who requires a refresher course or the student who requires additional training above the mandatory 121.5 hour course. All training is done in 4 hour sessions on a truck with a 13 speed manual transmission and using a 53 foot trailer. The focus of the course  will be on the pre-trip inspection  and air brake inspection, essential skills such as shifting, backing and cornering, as well as addressing driving habits. 

244 Hour Course

The 244 hour course is the Entry-Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program. Elite trucking companies want applicants without experience to take the 244-hour course. United works together with these elite companies to help each graduate find a suitable career in the trucking industry. This intensive, six-week training course has a strong emphasis on both theoretical and practical training to help drivers succeed in the trucking industry. All in-cab and in-yard training is done on trucks with 13 speed manual transmissions and using 53 foot trailers. 

The curriculum covers over 33 critical components in the trucking industry such as: US/Canada border crossing, Motor Carrier Enforcement, hours of service, coupling/uncoupling, trip planning, shifting, night driving, skid control, mountain driving, etc. This 244-hour course is composed of 80 hours of classroom training, 40 hours of lab time, 60 hours of driving, 60 hours of observing. It includes two paid MPI road tests totaling 4 hours of MPI road test time.

Individuals can fund the cost of the course on their own. If you seek funding assistance, please call us to discuss available funding options. If you qualify, funding may be obtained through Manitoba Jobs (MB ETT), Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF), Workers Compensation Board (WCB), and/or First Nations Bands.

The 244-hour course is registered with the Private Vocational Institute, enabling you to claim the T2202 on your taxes.

244 Hour Cost Breakdown

Registration Fee$275.00
Tuition Fee$8009.95
Books & Supplies Fee$875.00
Training Completion Fund (TCF)$40.05
Other Fees

Course Dates

Class 2

Many drivers seeking their Class 2 license would rather take a Class 1 course because a higher class of license tends to offer greater career opportunities. For instance, we meet many school bus drivers who are driving Class 1 units or motor coach while school is out over the summer.

Class 3

The Class 3 course is design to help drivers in the construction, gravel, concrete and oil industries. Class 3 allows the license holder to operate trucks with more than two axles OR a truck with two axles towing a vehicle with a registered gross vehicle weight of more than 4,540 kgs (but does not include a semi-trailer truck).

This course is comprised of five sessions of 4 hours each. The 20-hour course includes training on pre-trip and air brake inspections, driving and backing. Taking the Class 3 training with United includes air brake endorsement.

Class 4

A Class 4 license is needed to operate emergency vehicles and taxi cabs. Class 4 also allows drivers to operate buses with a seating capacity between 10 and 24 passengers (while carrying passengers) and school buses with a seating capacity between 10 and 36 passengers (while carrying passengers).

For drivers seeking Class 4, we recommend Class 3 with air brake endorsement so that more driving opportunities are available to the student once training is completed.

Class 5

We are currently not offering Class 5 training. Please call us and we will be happy to put you in contact with a reputable company who specializes in Class 5 training.

Specialized Courses

United Driver Training provides a variety of specialized courses.

Air Brakes Course

Our air brake course provides the necessary training for a driver to get air brake endorsement on their license. One common need is for driving motorhomes equipped with air brakes. Another need for air brake training is to operate farm trucks with air brakes. Training consists of three sessions of 2 hours each and then we bring our truck to MPI for the driver to do their air brake test to get their air endorsement on their license. This course does not include any driving time.

Road Test Evaluation

An extensive evaluation that assesses a driver’s ability and knowledge. Fleets commonly use these evaluations for pre-employment screening.

Load Securement

Dry van and flat deck.
2 hours class time and 2 hours practical.

Hours of Service

U.S. Hours of Service.
Canadian Hours of Service.
Handouts & Quizzes and Practical Logging

Shunt Driving Course

Safety awareness in the workplace
Safe procedures hooking and unhooking
Minimize accidents/claims
G.O.A.L.  Get Out And Look

Winter Driving Course

Winter driving preparation
How to adapt to changing weather
Driving attitudes and practices
Tire chain laws and applications
Practical solutions to winter challenges

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