Why do I want to train at United?

Elite transport companies are hiring our graduates knowing our excellent reputation for producing quality drivers. Our team has a wealth of knowledge, including over ten million miles of experience driving long haul plus 45 years of experience driving locally. This totals over 375 years of combined experience focused on training safe new drivers. We train in a friendly, supportive environment, proven by the fact that past graduates frequently return to visit and update us on their careers due to the positive relationships we have built while they trained with us.

When can I come for training?

We work hard to accommodate your schedule. Our instructors are available for training during mornings, afternoons or evenings.

Does United have specialized courses available for fleets?

Yes, we offer various courses in specialized training. We customize courses to meet your fleet needs.

If I have my license, can I take a refresher?

Yes, we provide refresher training. We have specialized courses for developing various skills as needed. These courses are available either with one-on-one training or in a group setting.

Do I need my Class 1 Learners first?

The requirements differ depending on which training course you will be taking. Please call us so we can explain what your options are.

Is there funding available?

There are various funding options available for training. Please call us to discuss these funding options.

Can United help me find a job?

We have elite companies looking to hire our graduates. Preference is given to students who have completed the 244-hour course. We look forward to working together with you to help you start a successful career in the trucking industry.

Interested in getting a Class 1 license?

United Transportation Driver Training (United) is one of Manitoba’s largest Class 1 driver training schools for meeting the demands of the trucking industry. Click to learn more!

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